M_TOS encompasses the complete activities of the vessel and cargo management from A to Z and the infrastructure of the module enables the user to manage the complete range of services in an accurate, timely, fast and uninterrupted manner. The module controls every phase of the operational activities both automatically and manually in a dynamic manner. Also supports different type of port operations like Container, Liquid & Bulk Cargo, General Cargo and RORO / ROPAX / ROLA from using a single SW platform


Our PMIS is designed for real-time planning and fully integrated management of major vessel operations and related business processes, including vessel calls management, tug & pilot operations, cargo operations, yard management, property management, invoicing and detailed management/statistical reporting.


Our M_PCS supports electronic communication in ports between the private transport operators (shipping lines, agents, freight forwarders, stevedores, terminals, depots), the private hinterland (pre- and on-carriage by road, rail and inland waterways), the importers, exporters and other authorities.


Customs duties are one of the sources of income for the countries. Therefore, Customs authorities have the responsibility to ensure that customs duties are properly applied. Countries work on establishing common risk criteria and standards for financial risks. I_CMS assist in those criteria help customs to target suspicious declarations and apply the correct amount of duties when necessary.


Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is a shore-side maritime assistance service that supports bridge teams in their safe navigation of port approaches and other areas that present navigational difficulties. VTS also periodically send updates to the port. Our I_VTS supports MIA for more efficient and timely operations can foresee the impact of its decisions.


SWOT analysis as well as process analysis of the port domain, identification of the needs, comparison work of the existing processes of the port domain with that of the system, re-organising the workforce according to the newly adopted processes and requirements, preparation of organisation charts and guiding the users to prepare all documents according to relevant international standards such as ISPS and ISO will be carried out by specialist professionals and academicians.


VPORT is a Terminal Operating System which manages port operations and logistical processes as well as reports about activities occurring in port. VPORT is designed to cater specific needs of ports and aims at optimizing port operations and related business processes. VPORT utilize also other technologies such as internet, EDI processing, mobile computers, wireless LANs and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) to efficiently monitor the flow of products in, out and around the terminals.

Benefits of the VPORT

  • 360-degree real-time terminal management system
  • Compatibility with Android and web-based platforms
  • Minimal maintenance and IT support
  • Online operational data access
  • Data recording and storage
  • VTS/AIS Integration
  • Enhanced control and monitoring of all terminal activities
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VPORT is designed as a modular system with following sub-functions for all types of terminals.

  • Vessel Call Management
  • Agent & Customer services
  • Pilot&Tug operations
  • Managing commercial activities
  • Container Freight Station Operations
  • 3D Dock and Yard planning
  • Loading and discharge operations
  • Customs Operations
  • Gate in/Gate out operations
  • Warehouse operations
  • Cargo/Container/RORO Handling Operations
  • Users roles and authorizations management
  • Dynamic Dashboard & Reporting functionalities
  • Job orders integrated with terminal handling equipment and devices


VMARINE is a complete advanced solution designed specifically for marinas to facilitate their logistical processes and optimize the management of their unique businesses. It offers many flexible features and encompasses every aspect of marina operation including reservations management, boats assignment, billing, customer relationship management, yard planning and integration with third party software.

VMARINE enables real time monitoring of all activities within the leisure port. An integrated 3D visualization tool provides the user with the graphical view of the marina and allows seeing the marina occupancy rates, searching for availability and managing reservations accordingly.

Core functionality and Modules

  • Reservation management
  • Control systems for gate in/out and security purposes
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Contracts management (Billing and Tariffs)
  • Dynamic reporting and dashboards
  • Job order track & control system as integrated with mobile terminals
  • Digital documentation and archiving
  • Ability of managing several marinas via single system
  • Integrated pontoon, boatyard and dry stack planning using 3D visualisation tools


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VPORT/VMARINA enables terminal/marina operators to improve control over vessel traffic, berth allocation, gates, yard, and warehousing, as well as generating more efficient reporting using 3D interactive simulation screens. The system works automatically based on job orders over 3D port/marina view. All the related information is gathered by mobile terminals for monitoring and control purposes and data entry and control operations is managed in an easy way. 3D technology improves the efficiency of real time operations and provide full situational awareness to users over port/marinas.

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Digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are powerful enablers that port operators could use to improve efficiencies, better manage traffic, empower their workforces to increase throughput, and decrease carbon emissions while making traffic safer. The increased usage of IoT solutions is identified as one of the primary growth factors for port market. VTEK’s vision is to be a part of Digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and VTEK started to deliver new technologies in this context. VPORT is planned be integrated with new IoT technologies (M2M) specially to implement a Vehicle/Container Tracking and Localization System by use of Google Map/Street Map Support, smart planning and assessment tools and LoRa based Geolocation system for shorter service times and better productivity during Container and Ro-Ro terminal operations.

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Mobile Technologies

With the rising demand for smartphones and tablets, the need to provide effective mobile terminal solutions to our clients has been greater. VPORT now is available in the market with mobile version for interactive, cost-effective and appealing applications. All functions of VPORT such as planning, execution and reporting is compatible to Android and web-based terminals that will decrease the terminal and operational costs of the Users whilst provide more flexibility and location independence to operators.



VTEK is selected as business partner of, I2PANEMA (Intelligent,…
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VTEK (Vision of Technology) Information and Communication Technology Co.Ltd., founded in 2006, is operating in port and marinas domain with provision of high-end solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of ports and marinas.

VTEK is committed to enhance its capacities for implementation of new technologies in maritime domain like IoT technologies and mobile services usable by Android/web platforms by incorporating with operators, R&D organizations and industry partners


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Vport 3D liman otomasyonu



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